Domain Parking and Domain Development Platform

Domain Parking

The Best of Both Worlds

Not every domain is created equal. While some domains will benefit from a parking solution to create revenue, others may need to be developed into full sites.

With Domain Apps you can choose the right solution for each of your domains under one easy-to-use platform. Now you can spend less time moving your domains around and focus on finding the right monetization model for each of your domains.

Having trouble deciding which model to start with? Both parking and development options have unique benefits. Here's some food for thought:


  • Earn revenue through flexible opportunities in cost-per-action (CPA) and cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Take advantage of optimized content displaying relevant, paid advertising to visitors.
  • Get paid through organic, type-in and existing traffic.
  • Match relevant ads with your domain's theme.
  • Bottom line: Domain parking is the best fit if you have type-in traffic or existing traffic from other sources like existing links.

Domain Development

  • Build momentum with your domains by creating custom sites in minutes.
  • Get more visitors to your sites and keep them coming back.
  • Instantly match relevant content with your site's niche, brand, and theme.
  • Increase organic search traffic.
  • Position your sites as trusted sources of information and business.
  • Bottom line: Domain development is the right fit if you do not have traffic for your domain or are looking to take your domain to the next level.

Change your mind? No problem. With a few clicks, you can change all, or any, of your domains' monetization models using Domain Apps' handy interface.
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